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Scrap Yard Point Of Sale System from Worldpos

You will gain better, simpler and more accurate control of your stock, pricing, suppliers and customers.

Improve record keeping and accountability for SAPS.

Eliminate manual copies of ID’s and purchase records!

Specific functionality includes:

• Streamlined process with excellent control of all your suppliers
and customer’s records; these include Customer Name, Address, ID Number,
and Photograph of ID and Person.

• All transactions including descriptions of what was sold/purchased when where, when and to whom.

• You will also have control of the pricing and your stock as all
transactions will now be recorded and assigned to a cashier and

• You will have control of setting the pricing as and when your pricing changes.

• Unique pricing can be set up per customer or group of customers.
Removing the chance of errors and the pricing is linked to the supplier.

• A complete record will be kept of all the items that have been
sold to you by date and time, value of item, weight, type of item etc.

• Once your customers are enrolled on the system you will be able
to see copies of the ID books/photos when the person is logging on, or
at any other time.

• You will have complete record of your customers, the people that
you sell your stock to, together with the pricing achieved etc. 

• All your suppliers and customers can be loaded on the system and
their accounts and purchase histories can be tracked together with their
age analyses. 

• Statements can be generated for terms suppliers and customers.

• The system fully complies with all the requirements of both the current act as well as the proposed new legislation.

• Up to 2 scales or weigh bridges can be connected to a singel terminal.

• No limit to the number of weight terminals.

• Option for multiple pay out terminals.

• Tare and Nett Weight functionality for multi loads.

• Option to cater for water/waste in bins.

• Full integration with cctv recording system and transaction overlays ensuring “honest” transactions.

WorldPos Scrap Yard Application the answer for any recycler.

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