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Retail Point Of Sale System from Worldpos

Designed to allow for simple user interface,

with high powered back office functionality.


• Graphic touch-screen or keyboard based Point of Sale operation.

Built-in inventory management system controls your resources at the
click of a button (Access to the Back Office from any terminal with
access control).

• Staff reporting / management system makes it simple to follow up on productivity.

• Flexible deal and discount generator.

• Advanced customer loyalty system.

• Comprehensive reporting system enables intelligent business decisions and management.

• Enhanced permissions based security system and multiple authentication methods (Swipe Cards / Pin Codes / Biometrics etc.)

Sales & Invoicing & Customer Loyalty

• Supports single item / shrink / pack / caselot links and pricing.

• Support Vouchers / electronic Gift Cards etc.

• Price lookup at tills or remote terminals instore.

• Special prices for customer and groups.

• Account management for private or corporate clients.

• Special Pricing for Combos etc. with automated discount rules.

• Discount system by price or percentage discounts on item groups or whole bill.  

• Manage Discounts / Price levels per customer.

• Manage multiple customers types.

• Bulk SMS communication with customers.

• Store credit per customer.

• View Customer’s Purchase History.

• Debt management.    

Stock Control

• Supports single item / shrink / pack / caselot links and pricing.

• Simple easy to use management.

• Automatic calculation of profit margins.

• Change prices on the fly.

• Product Major Groups/ Groups / Departments / Lookup Groups / Bin locations / Payout   Departments etc.

• Multiple Price Levels / Lists.

• Multiple Store / Locations / Branches.

• Automatic reorder reports with cashups based on predefined levels or sales histories.

• Easy Goods Receiving process.

• Simple stock take procedures.

• Pre Production of items such as Cakes / Pies / Salads / Sauces /   Burgers etc. 


• Staff and Till  X and Z reports.

• Automated reorder recomentations.

• Most user reports are Built In and Pre defined.

• Sales reports filtered by payment types / categories / items etc.

• Profitability / Best / Worst Seller reports.

• Inventory reports.

• Employee productivity reports.

• Customize your own report.

• SMS and email Pre defined reports.

• Full Debtors / Creditors reports.

• Full Income Statement.

• Many more…


• Multiple Authentication protocols:

•Employee Magnetic Card / User/Password / Biometric finger- print reader.

•Proximity reader.

• Configurable security access on user/group level.WorldPos Retail
Point of Sale was
designed to allow for simple user interface with high
powered back office functionality.

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