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your IT System fails does it have an impact on your business ? Can
your business function without the mouse, the computers, printers,
the internet ? What cost does that disruption do to your business?

 Eeze i.t  business support will offer you a proactive and flexible
service that doesn’t have to cost the earth but give you that peace of
mind and support when you need it!

Why choose business support?

Priority Service – your issues takes precedence over Home and non SLA Users

  • A single point-of-contact – to resolve hardware, software, network, wi-fi, and email issues

  • A Onsite Technician when you require one.

  • No more
    unplanned repair bills. You pay for outcomes, i.e. a smoothly
    functioning system, rather than labour inputs and time spent on repairs

  • Scalable – based on your businesses demands, freeing you from staffing, bandwidth, power and space constraints

  • We monitor your systems remotely – watching for alerts and
    making fixes remotely, often before a problem arises. This reduces your
    risk, and gives you a more reliable IT infrastructure

  • Cost-effective.

  • A small, understaffed IT department
    can often be more of a cost and burden than it’s worth. With managed IT
    support, you have experts at your beck and call, without the expense of
    full-time salaries and benefits

  • Management of devices

  • to ensure they are always up to date – no more worrying about whether your computer is up to date and secure

  • Tailored support

  • to your business needs allowing you to go on about business as usual

  • We can access your computer remotely and securely so we can fix your
    IT problems quickly and easily (giving you a few tips along the way)


We offer tailor made IT support plans to suit your companies needs.

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